DSC 2203“The Dengue control programs that were carried recently by the Local Government Authorities were very successful. The most successful of these programs was carried out in the Dehiwela Galkissa areas. When comparing the incidence of the disease with the previous year in the Dehiwela Galkissa areas there is a 90 % reduction of reported cases.

This information was reported at the last coordinating meeting of the Dehiwela Galkissa District Development Committee. The Deputy Chairman of this committee Hon Minister Faiszer Musthapha who chaired this meeting instructed the officials to hold a press meeting to inform the media of the progress. The Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government Mr Kamal Pathmasiri, Commissioner of the Dehiwela Mountlavania Municipal Council Mr. Dammika Muthugala and several officials participated at this media briefing.

S.M.R. Oddyar
Medical Officer of Health - Dehiwela

“The reported number of Dengue cases up to July was 490.  But this figure has dropped to 38 in September and has reduced considerably to 20 during October. Accordingly this is the lowest figure reported from a Municipal Council in the Colombo District.  However we expect a slight increase in the reported cases in December. We can meet this challenge successfully if we take necessary action immediately to control dengue.”

Dammika Muthugal
Commissioner Dehiwela Mt Lavania Municipal Council.

‘We carried out a successful Dengue control program together with the officers of the Dehiwela Rathmalana Divisional Secretariats, officers of the Medical Officer of Health, Police and members of the public. Accordingly in the Western Province the Dehiwela Mt Lavania area has the least number of reported cases of Dengue.  Everyone says that with the advent of the rainy season there will be an increase in the incidence of dengue.  However we are investigating whether there is a connection between the two.  We must recall the yeoman services provided by the workers who provided the fogging services.  They performed their services in the midst of great difficulties. Some of the workers contracted respiratory diseases as a result of the fogging.  Some have requested to leave their employment.  It is because all of us worked with a team spirit that we were able to achieve this result.  There are only 22 workers involved in fogging for these two areas. There is another thing that I must say and that is that there are several undeveloped sites in the area that are breeding grounds for dengue mosquitoes. It is therefore our intention to acquire these lands under the public nuisance act.

Further Municipal Commissioner spoke regarding solid waste management

We spend 118% of our yearly income on Solid waste management. We do not have enough drivers for our waste transport vehicles. There is a labour problem in the country. Our youth are not willing to work in transporting waste. In the future if this situation continues we will have to employ Indian labourers to do this job,

Mr. Kamal Pathmasiri
Secretary Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government

“There is a program developed to levy a fee from Hotels, factories Traders to collect waste for disposal. We have appointed a committee to look into these aspects because different Local Authorities charge different rates for this.  Therefore in future we will as a Ministry regularize this. 

Answering questions raised by members of the media regarding the Local Government elections the secretary said
There were several spelling mistakes in the delimitation Gazette. These occurred when the committee   prepared this report. We are in the process of correcting these errors. As soon as this is done we will be issuing a fresh Gazette. There are some issues with the Gazette of 2015 issued in this regard. We hope to clear all the errors and issue three Gazettes in this regard. There is an issue with two local Government Authorities in the Mulativu District. We have issued a Gazette after obtaining the Attorney Generals views. We hope to hold the elections to those authorities together with the other Authorities once Parliamentary approval is obtained. “