IMG 5044This country was destroyed by the preferential votes system. The era where wealthy power hungry persons were able to play with the peoples voting rights are over. People at the grass roots had to live with a great deal of pressure during the past.  This was due to the preferential voting system.  During the elections how many times have they been played out.  But were their problems solved. In future this will not happen. Your vote will be given its true value. You get the opportunity to vote for a rural leader who will be able to identify your problems.  There has been no other politician who has been at the receiving end of so much criticism as myself in working towards obtaining this opportunity for you the voter. Even in the face of so many obstacles my resolve did not waiver. I was able to do my duty to the utmost because of this commitment.

Whatever the challenges that may come I will not flinch in doing my duty. I will sweep away the elements of family bandism from the Sri Lankan political landscape and establish a system of clean politics in the country. That is Yahapalanaya. That is the vision of President Maithreepala Siresena.

Minister Faiszer Musthapha said at a meeting in Seethawaka where he declared open several projects for the community.   Under the rural bridges project of the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government a bridge is being erected at a cost of Rs 65 million . This bridge will be erected at Seethawaka Pangngagala Unagaha Ela and will be used as an alternative road between several other rural roads were declared open.  During the past as this area was lying  in the border between the Ratnapura and Colombo Districts it was neglected and no development work had been done. 

The citizens of the area stated that 10 lives in the last rainy season were lost because the authorities were not interested in this area.  After laying the foundation stone for this bridge at the end of the program  the Minister declared open a bridge situated at Elston Estate in Seethawaka costing Rs 38 million . This will be of immense benefit to a large population in shortening the  distance they have to travel.

The Sri Lanka Freedom party Avissawela organizer,  Western Provincial Councilor Mr. Sumith Wijeyamuni  Soysa, Former Deputy Chairman Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha Mr. Ananda Rupasinghe and several politicians and government officers of the locality participated at this event.