To bring about an effective and efficient Provincial Council administrative system through facilitating the Provincial Council operations, well coordination between the central government and the Provincial Councils.


  • Ensuring the utility of available human resources in each province for overall socio- economic development process of the country.
  • To ensure efficient and effective Provincial and Local Government Administrative System through human resources development and upgrading the Las on scientific basis.

provincial council

Progress of the Provincial Council Division (2016-12-31)

Serial No. Proposal Sub Activity
  • Land Acquisition
    (For Provincial Councils and Local Authorities)
  • Examined 224 requests and sent recommendations to the Ministry of Lands.
  • 125 requests with errors have been returned to the Chief Secretary.
  • 11 officers have been appointed to conduct inquiries on objections in terms of the Section 04 of the Land Acquisition Act No. 28 of 1964.
  • 77 letters with the recommendations of Chief Secretary have been forwarded to the Ministry of Lands for further actions.
  • 07 recommendations have been submitted to the Ministry of Lands with regard to the acquisition under the by order 38(a).
  • Formulation of service minutes for the posts under the Provincial Public Service as per the Public Administrative Circular 06/2006.
  • Establishment of Local Government Management Service.
  • Actions are being taken regarding the issues arisen with regard to 04 Service Minutes completed in accordance with the Public Administrative Circular 06/2006.
  • Committee Report has been appointed by the Committee chaired by the Secretary to the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government. A Cabinet Memorandum has been drafted to submit the committee report to the Cabinet of Ministers.
  • Quarterly update the contact information of the Members of Provincial Councils and Officers.
  • A catalogue consists of contact information have been prepared and distributed among all the divisions of this Ministry.
  • Cabinet Memoranda relevant to Provincial Councils and Local Government.
  • 10 Cabinet Memoranda on the issues of Provincial Councils have been prepared.
  • 07 observations for the Cabinet Memoranda of other Ministries have been submitted to the Minister’s Office.
  • Chief Secretaries have been made aware on 34 Cabinet Decisions.
  • Parliamentary Questions
  • Answers for 15 parliamentary questions have been submitted to the Parliament.
  • Public petitions
    • ​Petitions received  from Parliamentary Commission on Public Petitions
  • 48 petitions have been sent to relevant Provincial Councils.
  • Recommendations of this Ministry on 11 reports regarding public petitions received from the Committee on Public Petitions have been sent to the Committee on Public Accounts.
  • Issue of vehicle permits to purchase vehicles for Provincial Councils and to import duty free vehicles for the retired officers of All Island Services.
    • To give recommendations relevant to Public Administrative Circular 22/99.
    • Purchase of vehicles for Provincial Councils as per the National Budget Circular 1/2016.
    • To issue permits to import duty free vehicles for the Members of 01st Northern Provincial Council.
  • 30 received applications have been recommended and sent to the Department of Trade and Investment Policies.
  • 18 applications have been sent for the approval of Expenditure Control Committee.
  • Issued 38 permits to import duty free vehicles.
  • To create new posts
  • Recommended 568 requests received as per the Management Services Circular 03/2014 to create new posts for the Department of Local Government and sent to the Department of Management Services.
  • To issue of visa for foreign volunteer workers / extend their term.
  • Forwarded 05 applications received from the Department of External Resources to obtain visa for volunteer workers to the provinces for their concurrence.
  • 14 requests that have obtained provincial concurrence have been forwarded to the Department of External Resources.
  • Meetings of Chief Secretaries
  • Held three meetings.
  • Allowances and Facilities of the Members of Provincial Councils
  • The draft circular prepared based on the provincial information on the allowances and privileges of the Members of Provincial Councils in order to make their allowances and privileges equal has been forwarded to the Secretary to the President on 07.12.2016 and it has been amended on the instructions of Secretary to the President and sent back to the Presidential Secretariat on 29.05.2017.
  • Giving relief for the persons who have faced problems on political grounds
  • Progress on 200 appeals out of 245 appeals received from the Ministry of Public Administration and Management has been sent to that Ministry to implement recommendations.
  • Public complaints and petitions
  • Necessary measures have been taken for the 52 complaints received from the Prime Minister’s Office, Presidential Secretariat, other Ministries, institutes and general public.
  • Coordination of the projects conducted on the provisions of the Presidential Secretariat with the Provincial Councils

To plan food production within the variations of the rainfall and climate.

National programme on sustainable school development

National  Programme on Protecting Children.

National Programme on Food Production (Jahika Ahara Nishpadana Sangramaya)

  • After receiving the letter confirming that provisions have been allocated for the relevant projects by the Presidential Secretariat, letters have been sent to respective provinces   informing to send bills in order to send settle payments as per the Financial Regulations and arrangements will be made to make payments after receiving bills from the Provinces.
  • Provisions of Rs.28, 636,750/= has been allocated and an amount of Rs. 9,797,470/= has been paid to the North Western Provincial Council.
  • Provision of Rs. 1,702,140/= has been allocated and payment of Rs.189, 410/= has been made to the Central Provincial Council.
    Rs.3, 067,365/65 has been allocated for the Central Provincial Council.
  • Provision of Rs. 7,500,000/= has been allocated for Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council.
Source: Provincial Council Division