Hon. MinisterHon. Faiszer Musthapha PC (MP)
Minister - Ministry of Provincial Councils, Local Government and Sports

In 1505 with the advent Western Colonists the administrative systems of the county which had a proud history began to face several changes. It is a sad fact that the Administrative system of Sri Lanka was modified to suit the requirement of the Foreign rulers. In the past the administrative system which was unique to Sri Lanka fostered strong social bonds and ensured strong economic growth. A special feature was the strong system of local and provincial administration. This was the reason for a strong national economy and a strong centralized government.

From the time that there was a breakdown in the provincial administration all sectors of the administrative structure began to collapse. We have finally reached the end of this crisis ridden journey.

With this in view those who have correctly understood the situation have acted to ensure that the rights of the people are safeguarded. I wish to state that we are committed to act towards working to ensuring the safeguarding of the rights of the people which are the expectations of the people and is bearing fruit with the provincial administration system that is being introduced.

The responsibility of the Ministry of Provincial Councils is to serve the requirements of the people in the 24 districts coming under the 9 provinces . It is with great pride that I state that the Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils and all the officers and staff are working with great commitment and diligence directly and indirectly towards achieving these goals.